Your Safety is Our Top Priority
Lear jet inside cabin 2
Exceeding Industry Standards
We stay several steps ahead of the regulations to ensure that our fleet is maintained beyond the standards of the FAA. Checking twice and taking measures well before they become necessary is our maintenance motto.
Flights are monitored from takeoff to touchdown from our National Operations Center (NOC) where all of our technology utilizes the latest PCI encryption standards to keep your data safe.

At Let’s Jett, safety is our top priority. We are proud to be a Wyvern Wingman certified operator and a member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation, which demonstrates our commitment to safety through stringent private aviation audits.

In our everyday operations, we have cultivated a culture of safety. All our departments work in synergy to ensure that each flight is executed with the highest regard for safety. We go above and beyond industry standards and adhere to FAA mandates to guarantee a safe journey for our passengers.

Within our Safety Management System (SMS) protocol, we incorporate a Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) into our flight planning process. This tool empowers our crew members to evaluate potential risks associated with each mission and subsequently establish a comprehensive review process for crafting effective risk mitigation strategies.

This proactive approach to safety is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to your well-being during every flight.