beautiful cabin of Let's Jett
The Charter Game Changer

Created to reinvent private air travel, Let’s Jett continuously strives to be the most reliable, thoughtful, and adaptable charter service. Your safety and comfort is our priority, so we go the extra mile to provide a safe air charter that’s tailored to your needs and fitted with topnotch technology.

Being located in Los Angeles, California, we are always ready to meet your demands for coast-to-coast flights. Business trips, family vacations, music festivals, or any other travel journey will be an experience filled with comfort and luxury. We take pride in our ability to give the best service, food, and technology — never miss anything when you’re up in the air with the fastest wifi in the sky.

Fully Owned Fleet

We can guarantee faster and more seamless transactions as we have no need for owner approval. With full control over our Learjet fleet, we can create more customized itineraries, and easily accommodate your schedule, kids and pets.

The Learjet aircraft can comfortably seat 8-9* passengers. It can travel up to 4.5 hours in the sky, and from Los Angeles, it can reach nearly any destination in North America nonstop.